3 axis plasma cutting machine

CNC Pipe Plasma cutting machine

pipe cnc cutting machine

3 Axis CNC steel tube cutting machine is a highly standardized machine, designed for cutting steel tue and r profiling pipe steel up to 600 mm in diameter. It is an exceptionally tube cutting machine at a very affordable price, This tube steel cutting machine provides savings on welding  material and fitting costs. CNC tube Cutting Machine is numerical controlled, with different models from 2 to 6 control axes etc. Each model can realize control axis interlinking operation during processing. The 4 axis, 5 axis tube cutting machine have functions like cutting intersection lines and intersection holes; angle-fixed bevel, point-fixed bevel and variable angle bevel cutting functions; compensation to roundness and eccentricity of the pipe.

This tube steel cutting machine is widely used for steel structure, shipbuilding, bridge and heavy machine industries.

1. 3 axis plasma tube cutting machine can cut all kind of shape on round pipe,

2. Precise casting parts and strict manufacture and test procedures ensure high accuracy, reliability and durability.

3. The numerical control has the function of human-machine dialogue interface combining graphics and data. It is easy for operation and good for long-term continuous processing, with stable and reliable running. The software is Integrated with specialized programming and computing modules for complicated large steel structure construction, which ensure the quality of the work-piece, it can generate CNC codes from AutoCAD drawings. And these modules are compatible with IGES, DXF, SAT and STL files. it save the work time and cost.

4. Automatic, servo driven height sensing system. feeding conveyors available for loading/unloading


No. Model 3 axis CNC tube cutting machine
1 Cutting diameter Φ=50mm -600mm  or special design
2 Cutting thickness Plasma cutting: 0-40mm Oxy-fuel cutting:6-100mm
3 Valid cutting length 6000mm/12000mm or others
4 Requirment of angle ≤1%
5 Cutting speed 10~2000mm/min
6 Moving speed 10~6000 mm/min
7 Can be cutting pipe max. Weight 3000Kg
Moving axis Choose cutting axis
X axis : Work-piece rotates around its center line.
Y axis : Moving body moves along the work-piece axis around.
Z axis : Torch vertical lift.


This 3 axis CNC pipe cutting machine is widely used in many rows of steel, construction machinery, marine engineering, oil pipelines, special vehicles, boilers, pressure vessels, etc.