6 axis pipe cutting and bevel machine

6 Axis Pipe Plasma Cutting bevelling Machine

plasma pipe bevel cutting machine

CNC Pipe cutting and beveling machine is professional profile profiling cutting machine which is used for cutting steel pipe automatically, this pipe cutting machine can realize auto program and auto CNC nesting work for any complicated joint type of intertube, pipe, etc. and can cut any type welding bevel at one time. it is widely used for steel structure, shipbuilding, bridge and heavy machine industries. Suitable for cutting cylinder branch,two or three -layer saddle cutting of the main tube. adding 2 moving axis on our steel tube cutting machine, it have beveling function, our tube cutting and beveling machine (intersection cutting machine) is suitable for large quantities of professional intersection pipe cutting.

CNC pipe cutting bevelling machine advantage

  • Equipped with professional control system for variety types of cuts, including tees, miters, saddles, centerline offsets, multiple intersections, elbow supports, gusset slots; round, rectangular, saw cut, overlapping pipe holes, re-pads with axial offsets and baseline or work point offsets,  and other types of intersecting cuts.
  • Precise casting parts and strict manufacture and test procedures ensure high accuracy, reliability and durability.
  • Integrated with specialized programming and computing modules for complicated large steel structure construction, it can generate CNC codes from Auto CAD drawings to save operators and engineers time. And these modules are compatible with IGES, DXF, SAT and STL files.
  • Automatic, servo driven height sensing system compensates vertical position for out-of-round tube. In-feed and out-feed conveyors available for loading/unloading.
  • 3D operating interface for easy operation.
  • Six CNC axes (Left/Right, Front/Rear, Up/Down, Rotation, Torch-Twisting,and Torch-lifting) perform cutting pipe profile.

CNC pipe cutting beveling machine parameter

Pipe Cutting Diameter (mm)40-630mm custom-made
steel tube length (mm)6000mm/12000 mm or as required.
Max tube loading (Kg)5ton
pipe Cutting Speed (mm/min)80-1800
pipe Cutting Thickness (mm)Oxy-fuel:6-100mm  Plasma: according to plasma source
Plasma max beveling angle≤±45°
Flame max beveling angle≤±60°
Basic components 
Pipe Chuck3 jaws concentric chuck
Cutting ModeOxy-fuel, Plasma and laser
Number of Control Axes6 axis
Driving MotorJapan Panasonic servo motor
GearboxJapan Shimpo
CNC ControllerUpon requirement
Plasma Power Kjellberg, Hypertherm
Other Specifications
Working temperature– 10°C -45°C
SurroundingsVentilation, no big shake
Power voltage3×380V±10% or up by user’s local condition
Operation languageEnglish or Chinese