CNC Gantry laser cutting machine

gantry laser cutting machine
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when the size of metal plate above 6 meter, it is hard to lift the plate onto the desk laser cutting machine. but gantry type laser cutting machine can solve this question.

The big cutting size can ensure that the sheet is integrally formed without splicing and processing, and improve the utilization rate of the sheet


Aviation aluminum profile cutting gantry beams, light weight, strong rigidity, fast moving speed

GF series cnc gantry fiber laser cutting machine
Cutting width2500mm3000mm3500mm
Cutting length6 meter/14meter
Cutting thickness0-50mm
Laser power6000w/12000w/20000w/30000w

6KW-30KW Fiber laser cutting system, maxmum cutting thickness can be 50mm

fiber tube laser

Can install the exhaust and cleaning system

exhaust system