5 axis CNC plasma pipe cutting machine

pipe plasma cutting machine

1.High accuracy rack gear transmission. Lower noises, stable and accurate coordinate movement.

2.Multi Axis Plasma Pipe And Tube Cutting controlling system with auto material saving function.

3. High-develop 3D design software, and industry nest software.

No. Items  Parameters 
1 Cutting diameter Φ= round : 60mm~800mm  Effective cutting 6m-15 meter
2 Cutting Square pipe Dimensions requires 50mm ~ 450mm  Effective cutting 6m-15m
3 U/L pipes profile Dimensions requires 50mm ~ 450mm  Effective cutting 6m-15m
4 Cutting method  Plasma / flame 
5 Plasma cutting wall thickness (quality cutting thickness) According to plasma power source 
6 Flame cutting wall thickness   60mm-100mm
7 Plasma cutting thickness  0-40mm according to plasma source
8 Requirements of the workpiece ovality ≤1%
9 Cutting speed 10~2000mm/min
10 Move speed 10~6000 mm/min
11 For maximum weight cut tube 5000Kg

Highly Automated And Intelligent, high cutting precision
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machine cutting videos

Deeply developed solidworks

machine cutting videos

machine cutting samples

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Using laser pipe cuttingmachine is too expensive, Using Hydraulic cutter need many kinds of Mould,Plasma pipe cutting machine will be a suitable tools for client’s round pipes demands. especially choose a automatically feeding system.

Different from our normal 3 axis and 6 axis pipe plasma cutting machine, The following machine can reaize the continuous pipe cutting,

suitable in the steel structure, Need machine, please contact us