3D robot laser cutting machine

3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine

3D robot laser cutting machine

Product Features

It adopts automatic robot motion technology and professional high-precision laser head. The laser output power is stable and the processing width is large. It can be used for sheet metal and stainless steel.

Different thickness metal materials are precisely cut and processed. The automotive industry is its main servicing field. Covers for automotive parts, including cover, back cover, water tank, bumper, fender, door and chassis, ingots, control arms, rear axles, etc., often require three-dimensional cutting, including trimming And punching, etc.

Machine Parameter

Mechanical arm span 2010mm
Output laser power 1000-4000W Raycus or IPG
Working abutment 2000×2000mm (Fixed type)
Axis1 ±160º
Axis2 ±147.5º / -130º
Axis3 ±145º
Axis4 ±270º
Axis5 ±140º / -115º
Axis6 ±360º
Reposition accuracy ±0.05mm (VDI/DGQ3441)
Total power 11Kw
Gross weight 2T
Overall dimension 7000×4000×3200 mm
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