Wood laser engraving machine, wood laser cutting machine L1490

worktable size:  1400mmX900mm

Certification:  FDA, ISO CE

Color:  Blue, red

Minimum Order : 1 , Pieces

L1490Laser engraving machine can engrave beautiful pictures, portrait and craftworks on the surface of all kinds of nonmetal materials. It can also engrave diversified marks and brands. This is a machine with good performance and low price.



1. Adopt high efficiency laser tube and more stable beam.

2. With the function of restoring from power off,continuation on break point.

3.Advanced DSP control system, professional motion control chip,consecutive high speed curve cutting and the shortest path selection function improve the efficiency.

4.Red light positioning device indicates the location of laser head,eliminate the trouble with manual positioning.

5.this laser engraving machine can engrave and cut, realize the perfect unification of two functions. This laser machine has stable performance, is equipped with electric lifting platform, has high speed and precision, and is the best choice for all walks of life.


>> Equipment coming together with machine >>



1. Industrial Cooling System

Constant water temperature ensures laser tube a longer service time and high stability

2. Exhaust Fan
Exhaust fan removes dust and smoke to protect the optical parts and the users.

3. Electromagnetic air pump
The air blowing protects the lens from smoke and dust pollution. Also it protects the material being processed from fire or burned.

>> Options >>


1. Red dot

The laser is invisible. Red dot shows the position of the laser on the material. It’s more convenient for location.

2. Honeycomb or blade table optional
Aluminum blade table is for processing acrylic, wood and other hard materials; Honeycomb table is for processing cloth, leather and other soft materials.

3. Up/down Z-axis

You can adjust the table height by operating the Z-axis to process thick materials. Z-axis is also a must when you need to use auto focusing and rotary.

4. Auto focusing

Auto focusing automatically adjust the focusing distance.

5. Rotary

Rotary is used when processing cylindrical objects like bottles, cups, sticks, etc.


Machine Model

wood laser engraving and cutting machine L1490

Working Size

140*90Cm /55*35in  (L*W)

Laser Power


Laser Type

CO2 sealed high quality, water-cooling

Driving System

Step motor or servo motor

Resetting Position Accuracy


Cutting Speed

0-40,000mm/min  (1,574inch/min)

Power Supply

220V/50Hz,  110V/60Hz,

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity


Min. Shaping Character

English 1.0*1.0mm

Operating System


Graphic Format Supported


Software Supported

Coreldraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Tajima

Machine Dimension(cm/in)

200cm*140 cm *135 cm


Packing Dimension(cm/in)



Net Weight


Wood laser cutting engraving machine can do other cutting and engraaving works

Applicable industries: advertisement,arts and crafts, leather, toys, garments, model, building upholstery,computerized embroidery and clipping, packaging and paper industry. wood, bamboo,jade, marble, organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather,rubber, ceramic, glass and other nonmetal materials.

★★★★★★Integrated solutions and technology analysis  


Because of our year’s experience in CNC machine,  we will provide our most suitable machine for client’s job after client’s inquiry, From the machine’s operation cost to processing ability, speed. you will know the detailed data analysis of your investment.


Best machine using best parts in the world.


The CNC machine’s spare parts will decide the machine final quality and work-life. A same CNC machine, some factory will use the bad and cheap parts, this kinds of machine usually have a bad performance, some factory will use the best and most suitable parts, it will promote the machine’s stability, precision and speed.

Our machine’s spare parts is best and tested for many years. Guarantee the machine’s work-life, cutting speed and precision. 



Fast and best after-service


After service on lineOur after-service engineers is on line by skype, or phone 24 hours. just call us, we can provide the live work guide, timely, and effective. and we have detailed teaching videos for client.

After service in client factory:Sent engineers to client's factory.





Testing videos & photos before full payment


After the disposition, we will produce the machine ahead, when the machine ready, we will take a testing videos and full photos of the machine including parts(what you will get finally) after client’s satisfaction, finish the full payment, or client go to test the machine before full payment.


Professional package safe transport(take laser machine for example)

PCL Group  is was dedicated to research and develop the CNC laser cutting machine, cnc router machines, plasma cutting machine for many years, rely on our own factory, and a strong team of experts who has tens year of experience in Metalworking industry and Woodworking industry, we wish we can provide you with the most efficient, the most economic working scheme. 

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In order to meet the clients demands and arrived a higher level, At basic of our two factory, one factory is research and develop the laser cutting machine and CNC router, the other research and develop the plasma cutting machine, it let us can meet all of the need in mechanical processing industry.And we can also have comprehensive

&nbsp capability to provide customers with a set of solutions to processing and related facilities.

Through the Co2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, CNC processing equipment and plasma cutting machine, we can help you realize the optimal processing production line, save costs, promote the efficiency. with first-class technical support and perfect after-sales, we expect to bring you satisfactory returns.

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